Sunday, September 23, 2012

On falling in love (the 1st, 2nd and 3rd time)

The first time I fell in love, I was freshman in high school. He was a senior, the older forbidden boy. I loved him for many years, and for many reasons. He kept me hidden and saw me nothing more than a piece of ass. I learned that sometimes the same level of love isn't returned. The next time I fell in love it was with a boy, pretending to be a man. I loved him fiercely and protected him from the world. He eventually broke my heart and trust with not only his words but his actions. I learned that no matter how much you love someone sometimes you have to take off the blinders. The last time I fell in love, it was with someone who lived thousands of lifetimes and miles away from me. I loved him despite all that and was willing to change my life for him. He fell in love with someone else, and let facebook tell me. I learned that distance doesn't always make the heart grow fonder. And now, now I think I'm falling in love again, this time I'll go into it knowing that I deserve to be shown off, that words and actions do hurt, and that distance can be a good thing but too much can tear you apart.

--This is the post that actually started it all. I posted this to my facebook and others wanted to see what I had written. So that's what spawned this blog thing. We'll see if I actually keep it up. --

Write what you know.

That's what they always say isn't it. Write what you know, well my question is how do you write what you know without giving away all your secrets, or someone elses? My solution, is to take 50% reality and 50% fantasy and make it into something uniquely mine.

The writings you will see here are mixes of things I've been a part of, things I've been told, and things I've imagined. I'm pretty sure that the things you think are real are going to end up fake, and the things you think fake will be real. Make no mistake though, everything I write is 100% mine.

There's going to be a mix of diary-like entries since that's the main way I write. There will also be things that are written for a virtual world that doesn't really exist. There also may be some sexually explicit writings, or at least sexually suggestive - I'll mark them as such so you can scroll on by if they bother you.

Names if there are any will be first initials only, or possibly changed. Any name coincidences are purely that coincidental.

Yup, well that's about it. I really hope I don't live to regret actually putting my writing out into the world. We shall see.